How to use Constructionline to win new work Webinar

In this webinar, our Head of Customer Success, Lili Boev, shares some important practical tips to improve your profile and enable you to win more work through Constructionline.

Webinar Held: 9th September 2022
Hosts: Lili Boev (Head of Customer Success)


  • 3.03 Introduction – what is covered in the webinar today 
  • 3.15 What is your Constructionline profile for and how buyers use Constructionline to find suppliers 
  • 5.22 What buyers look for when sourcing new suppliers 
  • 7.49 What buyers see on your profile 
  • 11.04 Practical Tips to improve your profile 
  • 22.26 Why it’s important to update your profile 
  • 25.05 Using Marketplace Find 
  • 26.01 Setting up your searches 
  • 30.00 Saving your searches 
  • 30.51 Q&A 

Your Constructionline profile is your shop window to sell yourself to potential buyers. What you put on it can help you to stand out from your competitors. It helps buyers manage the risk to their projects and find suppliers who can deliver.

Here are some key tips you can implement immediately to improve your profile and put you in the best position to win more work through Constructionline.

    • Update your company profile
    • Add the locations where you operate
    • Ensure your primary contact is up to date
    • Review your work categories
    • Make sure you get verified
    • Complete social value questions

Using our Marketplace Find tool can help you find opportunities and through using our filters and saving your search criteria, you will receive notifications when opportunities match your criteria.

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