Introducing Buyer Connections Webinar

Buyer Connections demonstrate the tangible benefit of having Constructionline membership to your supply chain and help promote compliance.

Webinar Held: 23rd March 2021
Host: Mike Wood and Martin Rogers


  • 1.15 Introduction 
  • 2.20 Overview of benefits of buyer connections 
  • 5.19 Buyer Connections – what we are going to cover 
  • 6.27 How to create and edit segments and set compliance policies for different segments 
  • 8.40 What you can make visible to suppliers in your segments 
  • 10.45 Saving your changes to your segments 
  • 12.36 Buyer Connections – the Buyers’ view 
  • 14.49 Buyer Connection  – the Suppliers’ view 
  • 19.29 Supplier Issues Tab 
  • 20.57 Risk Policy Manager – Segment Notifications 
  • 24.00 Demo 
  • 38.15 Q&A 
  • 42.25 Future webinar topics 

Key benefits of Buyer Connections:

  • For a Buyer/Contractor, this helps you to see all connections with your suppliers along with their compliance policy status. This ensures your supply chain is meeting your compliance requirements.
  • For Suppliers, this provides prompts to upgrade to meet the right level of compliance so they don’t miss out on opportunities
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