Streamlining Supply Chain Management Webinar

In this webinar Lili focuses on one of the most common challenges faced by our customers, around streamlining supply chain management. Whether it’s sourcing new suppliers or managing your existing supply chain, finding the right suppliers for your project is a process that can waste a lot of time.

Webinar Held: 2nd August 2022
Hosts: Lili Boev (Head of Customer Success)


  • 1.09 Introduction 
  • 2.34 The problem with sourcing new suppliers 
  • 6.28 Introducing Marketplace Publish to help streamline sourcing new suppliers 
  • 6.59 How Marketplace Publish works 
  • 8.05 Walkthrough of the platform 
  • 10.09 Viewing your matched suppliers 
  • 12.10 How Expression of Interest works 
  • 14.33 Expression of Interest Analytics 
  • 16.26 Tips on how to publish a good expression of interest 
  • 20.43 Managing suppliers 
  • 22.40 Explaining Common Assessment Standards 
  • 25.57 Why have a risk policy 
  • 30.41 Summary 
  • 32.25 Q&A 

We know that the construction industry is made up of a multi-layered network of suppliers delivering all kinds of services. And the deeper the network is, the more complex it becomes.

There are many reasons why you might need to find a new supplier:

  • You may have a project in a new location where you don’t have an existing supply chain
  • Your existing supply chain may be too busy to carry out the work for you
  • The supplier is no longer in business
  • You want to widen your pool of suppliers

So, whatever the reason for wanting to find a new supplier, you want them to do a good job at a reasonable price and you want it to be easy to find those suppliers.

Our new tool Marketplace Publish:

  • Saves you from wasting time searching for suitable suppliers
  • Helps find prequalified suppliers that you know are interested and capable

Marketplace Publish uses the existing compliance data for over 60K Suppliers in our network helps you by:

  • Match suppliers to your criteria
  • You then publish Expressions of Interest to these suppliers
  • The suppliers will get notified and submit their proposals
  • Then you get a shortlist of suppliers to follow up with

Lili demonstrates how Marketplace Publish helps to streamline your supply chain process and makes it easier for you to manage tenders and source a wider network of suppliers in one place.

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