Buyer benefits

See why thousands of UK Buyers are taking advantage of Constructionline’s benefits to improve procurement efficiency and avoid duplication in the PQQ process.

Supporting better procurement

Created to improve procurement efficiency, avoid duplication and reduce cost through the prequalification process, Constructionline supports tens of thousands of buyers across the public and private sectors.

Established in 1998, we’ve kept on the front foot, updating our platform regularly to accommodate changing buyer needs, objectives and compliance obligations. Today we manage validation for more than 35,000 suppliers across a vast range of criteria, from financial stability to health and safety practices and sustainability credentials, among others.

The benefits for Buyers

  • Supply chain risk management – we’ll manage all necessary Company Watch checks, PAS91 verification and enhanced questionnaire for you, providing you with an up-to-date view of supplier credentials in an easy-to-filter format.
  • Sourcing new suppliers – our intuitive platform allows buyers to access a verified pool of suppliers based on the criteria that are most important to you, whether it’s related to compliance, geography or business size. We also operate a comprehensive calendar of Meet the Buyer events and Supplier Engagement days, so you can meet face to face with prospective suppliers that are well-placed to support your upcoming projects.
  • Legislative compliance – the changing regulatory environment has an enormous impact on buying practices. Our experts keep ahead of those regulatory changes, enhancing our validation services accordingly. This means you can have confidence that you’re working with approved and accredited partners.

Supporting changing needs

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are growing in popularity as buyers expand the procurement tools they wish to use. They enable buyers to move much more swiftly through the procurement process, as all suppliers get validated up front, shortening prequalification. They also help buyers to achieve their targets around working with SME suppliers – which must reach a third of all public procurement spend in 2020.

To learn more about how DPS arrangements could support your buying practices.

Guaranteed minimum standards

Many of our buyers choose to mandate Constructionline Gold level membership for their suppliers, as it provides a guarantee that those suppliers adhere to the PAS91 enhanced questionnaire, therefore supporting compliance.

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