How suppliers can easily evidence Building Safety Act compliance and win more work

The Building Safety Act is now the law. But demonstrating compliance with the Building Safety Act regulations shouldn’t just be viewed as a mandatory requirement – it’s also a great opportunity for suppliers to make powerful new connections, by promoting their business in the best possible light.

Clearly evidencing your competence and capabilities can help you gain the trust of influential decision-makers and win more work. Buyers and principal contractors are already actively seeking subcontractors who meet the Building Safety Act’s regulations – and will likely now turn a blind eye to those who don’t demonstrate Building Safety Act compliance.

This gives you a unique opportunity. Those who can prove themselves, showcase their capabilities and promote their compliance with the Building Safety Act will put themselves one step ahead of the competition. And our BSA Assessments can help you do just this.


What are the BSA Assessments?

Constructionline’s BSA Assessments are question sets that align with Building Safety Act regulations like BS 8670-1: 2024*, and cover two key areas:

The Standard Construction Assessment
You should complete this if you work on any kind of construction project.
Higher-risk Buildings Assessment
You should complete this if you work on higher-risk building projects, which are classed as being at least 18 metres in height, at least 7 storeys high and which contain at least two residential units, including hospitals, care homes and student accommodation.

These new assessments allow you to provide information on key areas relating to the Building Safety Act, and combine them with elements from other industry-recognised standards, such as the Common Assessment Standard (CAS), Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), and components of Constructionline Gold and Social Value question sets.

By completing the BSA Assessments, you can streamline the certification process. This means less time and effort spent demonstrating your competence and compliance, while boosting your chance to win more business.

And the best bit? It’s available to Constructionline Gold and Platinum members at no extra cost.

*Please note on 31st May, BSI Flex 8670 was superseded by BS 8670-1:2024.


Created for industry, by industry

Critically, the BSA Assessments have been created with key construction industry partners, such as the Joint Competence Initiative (JCI) for the Building Envelopes Sector. A collaborative effort between contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and educators, the JCI’s goal is to establish a clear framework for measuring and ensuring competence across the industry.

Imagine a toolbox filled with the right skills, knowledge and experience – that’s what the JCI is building. The group’s white paper, Achieving Competence in the Building Envelope Sector, outlines its vision for practical competence requirements for both organisations and individuals. It also proposes combining academic qualifications, vocational training and ongoing professional development to demonstrate expertise.

And the JCI does not stop there. They’re advocating for the white paper to become the industry standard for evaluating subcontractors within the building envelope supply chain, and will work with Government bodies to ensure regulations are effective and practical.

Together with credible organisations like the JCI, we hope to lay the groundwork for a safer UK construction industry.

Why are buyers seeking Building Safety Act compliant subcontractors?

Buyers are increasingly looking for Building Safety Act compliant subcontractors to mitigate risks and ensure project safety and quality, seeking greater assurance around a supplier’s competencies. That’s why, by proactively completing BSA Assessments, you position your business as a reliable and competent partner. This can give you a competitive edge in tendering processes and attract more opportunities from discerning buyers. And with the Building Safety Act only coming into effect relatively recently, you still have time to get ahead of the game. The sooner you can showcase your Building Safety Act compliance, the sooner you can get started on new projects. Once your answers to the BSA Assessments are verified by Constructionline, you’ll immediately become a certified supplier, helping to get your business in front of hundreds of influential buyers.

Furthermore, completing the BSA Assessments not only means you can easily demonstrate compliance, but you’ll also gain a reputation for championing positive change. They provide a structured and recognised path to proportional compliance, so buyers and principal contractors can clearly see that you’ve done your due diligence in meeting the legal and competency requirements for the Building Safety Act.

Finally, they provide insights into where you might be currently falling short. This knowledge can then be used to shape opportunities for continuous improvement, learning, and training and development.

A winning strategy for winning more work

It’s time to embrace the change that the Building Safety Act regulations are is bringing about. Evidencing your Building Safety Act compliance and competence is non-negotiable; those who do clearly and confidently will open themselves up to new business opportunities and projects.

Available free of charge to Constructionline Gold and Platinum members, the BSA Assessments are the simplest way to elevate your business’ profile, and position yourself as a trusted partner for construction projects.


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