Why is Constructionline’s Gold membership the most popular?

While each of our memberships cater to a different level of need, our Gold membership is consistently our most popular – and with good reason.

Here, we outline four key reasons why our gold membership is our most sought-after, and the benefits it can offer you.

What is Constructionline Gold?

By choosing one of our verified membership levels, you pre-qualify for clients and contracts across the UK, saving you valuable time and money. And while each of our membership options cater to a different level of need, our Gold membership is consistently the most popular – and with good reason.

One of our most premium membership levels, Constructionline Gold is so popular because it illustrates to buyers that your organisation has been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management. Ultimately, it enables you to bid for and win more work.

What are the key benefits of Constructionline Gold?

  1. Go above and beyond PAS 91 requirements

A standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by the British Standards Institute, PAS 91 is a common minimum requirement for construction procurement. But, with a Gold membership, you go above and beyond PAS 91. With enhanced validation checks including environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities and diversity, Modern Slavery Act adherance, and anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, these extra verifications help make sure you really stand out to public and private sector buyers.

  1. Meet the Common Assessment Standard

Developed in partnership with Build UK, the Common Assessment Standard goes one step further than PAS 91. A standardised set of questions crafted from existing systems, such as PAS 91, as well as input from clients, suppliers and trade associations, the Common Assessment Standard helps businesses save time and money during the prequalification process.

Covering areas such as equal opportunity and diversity, environmental management, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and corporate and social responsibility, the Common Assessment Standard lets buyers know with confidence that your business can satisfy all their requirements.

  1. Pre-qualify for some of the UK’s biggest buyers

Our Gold membership has become the industry standard. Adopted by some of the largest buyers in the UK, brands such as VINCI, the Wates Group, BAM Construction, Kier and Balfour Beatty demand that suppliers meet this membership level. In fact, for searches that select a specific membership level, over 81% included Gold in the search criteria. This is 64% more than those that selected Silver.

  1. Gain SSIP accreditation

Constructionline Gold also includes Acclaim’s SSIP accreditation. An umbrella body for assessment schemes, SSIP plays an important role in reducing duplication and cost across the supply chain.

Instead of having to hold multiple health and safety schemes, SSIP provides a single platform for managing compliance and health and safety information, cutting what you would normally spend on a range of different health and safety schemes by as much as 40%.

How much does Constructionline Gold cost?

Quickly find out how much a membership to Constructionline will cost.

As well as the above highlights, other benefits to a Constructionline Gold membership include:

  • A searchable profile, increasing your organisation’s visibility to buyers
  • Invite to regular Meet the Buyer events, so you can discuss opportunities face-to-face with decision-makers
  • Engagement with key buyers through our online expressions of interest
  • The ability to demonstrate your worth with our social value question set, helping to make your business more desirable to buyers
  • Instant access to new construction opportunities with Marketplace


So, what are you waiting for? Find out all about Constructionline Gold.

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