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Supplier frequently asked questions

Naturally you may have questions regarding Constructionline and how it works, so we’ve put together an extensive list of answers, based on the queries our suppliers tend to ask.

What is the Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard is an industry-agreed question set based on existing PQ questionnaires, including PAS 91, and corresponding assessment standards. The development of the question set was led by Build UK with support from a Cross Industry Body, consisting of experts from public and private sector clients, contractors and trade associations.

Are there different levels of certification for the Common Assessment Standard?

Yes, there is a desktop standard that corresponds to Constructionline Gold and a site-based audit standard that can be achieved through Constructionline Platinum.

What level do I need to sign up to in order to be compliant with the Common Assessment Standard?

For the desktop audit, you will need to be verified to Gold with the Common Assessment Standard question set, for the onsite audit you will need to be verified to Platinum.  Please note that if you are currently verified to Constructionline Gold or Platinum, you will need to edit your profile in order to answer the new questions, or they will automatically be displayed once a section requires updating.

How do I know I am answering the Common Assessment Standard questions?

If you are a new customer then you will automatically have the new Common Assessment Standard questions.  If you are an existing customer the new question set will load automatically when you amend any section of your profile, or if any sections require updating.

How do I know when I have passed the Common Assessment Standard question set?

For Gold and Platinum suppliers that are verified to the Common Assessment Standard, a new “Common Assessment Standard Badge” will appear next to your supplier status. To view this click on the “View my Profile” link from your Dashboard.

As a Silver member, will I have to answer any of the Common Assessment Standard questions?

Yes, to align all Constructionline membership levels with the Common Assessment Standard and ensure upgrading in the future is seamless, we have included updates to the questions in the Silver requirements.

How many buyers will have access to my record?

Approximately 10,000 buyers from 3,800 organisations have access to Constructionline. Only registered buyers have access to the database via specifically allocated user names and passwords. Please note: if you are an Associate member of Constructionline you are only searchable to buyers via your organisation name. To enjoy the full benefits of the platform, you are required to move to a higher level of membership.

Does being registered on Constructionline guarantee me work?

Constructionline’s primary objective is to reduce duplication for everyone involved in the tender process and to reduce the amount of paperwork you face at the tender stage. We do not guarantee that you will win contracts as a result of your membership but, by having your details available to over 10,000 buyers, Constructionline does act as a marketing tool for your business. In addition, Constructionline is widely recognised within the industry and it may prove advantageous if you can show you have met our accreditation status.

What should I do if a buyer requests information that is already held on my Constructionline record?

Constructionline buyers should not be requesting information that we already collect and they sign terms and conditions to this effect when they register. We have set up an anti-duplication form where you can contact us anonymously and let us know which buyers are doing this. We will contact the buyers directly and ask them to remove the duplicate questions from their PQQ questionnaires.

Why do some buyers still have PQQ forms?

Constructionline holds standard PQQ information which saves you having to fill that part in over and over again, but in some cases, buyers will need to request project specific information in order to draw up a short-list. This may include information on specific licenses required for one particular project only, specific examples of experience you may have etc. If you notice buyers requesting information you know is held on your Constructionline record please let us know using our anonymous anti-duplication form.

How do I increase my chances of winning work?

There are a number of things you can do to increase the hits to your record. You could increase your notations value by providing us with new references for larger contracts you may have carried out since joining Constructionline. This will mean that you will appear on searches for a wider range of contract values. You can also review your areas of operation and work categories you originally registered for as this may also increase your chances of appearing on more buyer searches.

How many suppliers are registered?

Approximately 50,000 suppliers have already registered with Constructionline and over 93% of verified suppliers renew their membership each year.

I am a small contractor. Will buyers be interested in my company if I register?

More and more buyers are looking for small, local contractors to employ because they are keen to re-invest in their local communities. In some cases, they ask us if we can provide them with details on more local companies because they cannot find any. The Constructionline system itself enables buyers to put in fairly complex search criteria so they are able to specify what size of company they would prefer to use. Therefore, if you are a small company it would be a great asset to join Constructionline and already, 20% of our contractors are suppliers with a turnover of less than £250,000.

How much does it cost to register with Constructionline?

Suppliers pay an annual fee based on their turnover. Annual membership starts from as little as £219 a year*, and you can register for an unlimited number of work categories and work locations.

View a full breakdown of the membership packages and prices.

*There is a one-off joining fee for new members based on your turnover band. From the second year of membership onwards, suppliers will only pay the annual membership fee.

Does Tender Management (Bidwork) use industry standards?

Yes. X-ray functionality works for all items structured under SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS.

Is Tender Management the same as BidWork?

Yes, Tender Management is the new name for BidWork since the latter company joined the Once For All group. It is still the same product.

How many customers use Tender Management (BidWork) today?

Around 10,000 companies already use this feature to bring more speed, accuracy and automation to their tender process.

Do sub-contractors have to register with Tender Management (BidWork) to use it?

No. If a Contractor sends you tender information via Tender Management (BidWork) you do not need to be a Tender Management customer already or even register for the tool. It is quick and easy to just respond and action on the tender.

What next?

Suppliers, join Constructionline to make your details available to over 10,000 procurement professionals from 3,800 public and private sector buyers.

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