Working harder to relieve you of the assessment burden

As a part of our mission to make your life easier, we handle the procurement process assessment work to stage one for you.

As a registered buyer, you have already saved your organisation countless time and money in the assessment process when collecting responses from Constructionline supplier members. By accepting a Constructionline registration number as proof of their competency, you can rest assured that a supplier has undergone our PAS 91-aligned assessment to achieve membership.

However, for any responses you receive for your work opportunities from suppliers that aren’t Constructionline registered, our team of assessors will now handle the hard work for you!

Constructionline’s One-Off Assessment Service

For just a fraction of the average assessment cost, we’ll assess and verify the responding supplier’s credentials, including their financial, health and safety, insurance and equality information. We offer the following three options:

1. Financial assessment of non-registered suppliers – We’ll assess the suppliers’ financial information to ensure that their accounts are up-to-date and represent the business’ ability to undertake your works.

Option 1: All information must be collated by the buyer and provided in Excel format to the Constructionline assessors for processing. £20 per supplier

Option 2: Buyer to send full audited accounts and references to Constructionline assessors, who will then extract the relevant information and undertake the assessment process. £40 per supplier

2. Full assessment of non-registered suppliers – We’ll assess a suppliers’ entire stage one pre-qualification information on your behalf, to ensure they have met all the necessary requirements to work with you. £200 per supplier

3. Check that registered suppliers meet your requirements/project criteria – We’ll run a report on the registered suppliers within our system, to find the assessed suppliers who meet your project requirements. £50 per supplier

The information we provide you

Once we’ve completed the assessment, our team will provide you with a report indicating whether each supplier has passed or failed the assessment process. At your request, we’ll also provide you with a more details regarding reasons why a supplier may have failed the assessment.

Please note: We won’t award the contract to a supplier for you; it’ll still be up to you to choose who you want to work with.

Are you interested?

For more information about how the One-Off Assessment Service can benefit you, contact your local account manager today!