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The new way to make and keep connections.

Collecting attendee details

At our event, you will be able to scan attendees’ QR codes to collect their details. After the event, we will then provide you with an export of everyone’s details you have scanned.

Step 1
Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner of the home screen.

Step 2
Scroll down the options and click ‘Agenda’ at the bottom.

Step 3
Here you should see your company name. Click your Company name.

Step 4
Select ‘Tools’.

 Step 5
Click ‘Scan user code’.

Step 6
Point your front camera at a supplier’s QR code on their phone to collect their details.

Please note, in order for us to be able export the data, the attendee must be scan as seen here. If you scan their QR code via the ‘connections’ section of the app, we are unable to export it. 

Key Features

The constructionline events app includes many features including:

Maps & directions

The location of the Meet the Buyer you will be attending and a link to google maps for directions so that you have everything you need on the day.


Some Meet the Buyer events this year will include free seminars for you to attend. The app will notify you when they are being held and give you more information.

Make Connections

The app allows you to scan the QR codes of suppliers you are interested in working with and we will share their details with you after the event.

Link to socials

Need an easier way to get to our social media? Our social media section which has links to all of our social media where you can share and like content from the day.


We will send you notifications through the app so you can be up to-to-date with the event information.

Photo gallery

Caught on camera? If you took any photos the day you’d be happy for us to use and share you can now add these to the photo gallery.

Preparation is key!

Please download our app ahead of time to avoid queues, get the most out of the event and most importantly make it easier on you during the day. We look forward to seeing you then.

Frequently asked questions

Our events team have used the email you provided when registering for the event to give you access to our app. If you can’t remember which one this is or are still having issues, please contact our events team.

Once you have downloaded the events app, you will need to log in to verify your email and complete your details, and that’s it, you are ready for event day.

If you intend to bring your colleague(s) with you and you’d like them to scan attendees on your stand, please ensure that you have sent their email addresses to the Events Team at Constructionline.

You can find a list of all our upcoming events here.

The confirmation email may have landed in your ‘Other’ inbox or ‘Junk’ inbox. If you have checked these and you still can’t find the email, please contact our events team.

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