CSR benefits

The benefits to buyers

Did you know the construction industry…?

  • Employs 2.1 million people, that’s 8% of the UK workforce
  • Produces around 120 million tonnes of waste per year, that’s 32% of UK waste
  • Accounts for 31% of all UK van miles
  • Creates up to 68 million tones of CO2 equivalent each year, that’s 10% of UK ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions

(Statistics from Construction industry: statistics and policy 2015 briefing paper)

Your procurement processes can help to address these issues and shape the future.

Benefits of CSR in your supply chain

  • Helps to identify suppliers who are more aware of the CR agenda and are likely to be more proactive in terms of the environment, social benefits and health and safety.
  • This approach complements and assists ‘Best Value’ procurement programmes often preferred by Buyers
  • CR can help further ‘filter’ the tender process based on a services ‘plus’ model. i.e. in addition to the direct services being bought what additional benefits exist.
  • Supports Buyers in implementing Sustainable Procurement processes

Corporate Responsibility Case Studies

Bovis Lend Lease