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Frequently asked questions

The private sector seems a lot easier to sell to than the public sector - why should I bother applying for these contracts?

It can seem complex, there are no guarantees, and it requires some time and effort, but the public sector do want to work with small businesses, and can offer some worthwhile contracts and more security especially in recessions.

Benefits include:

  • Prompt payment, with little risk of bad debt
  • Applications from SMEs are encouraged
  • The public sector must continue to provide services in despite of a recession
  • Broad range of work opportunities
  • Greater credibility in your work portfolio.

Your Constructionline membership will also help ease the pain during the tender process - you will only need to provide your Constructionline registration number along with any contract-specific information to our buyers.

What is a framework and how can it help me win more work?

A framework is when a buyer agrees to source services from a selected group of suppliers over a fixed period of time. Being part of a framework agreement is a great way to win smaller works opportunities - keep an eye out for Constructionline Meet the Buyer Events where you will be able to meet local buyers and find out when their framework agreement is up for renewal and how to apply.

Is the public sector interested in SMEs like me?

Yes! The Government recognise that SMEs typically account for 40% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product - the UK's goods and services output), and are a major contributor to local economies and actively encourage applications from SMEs.

  • Greater value for money
  • A more personal level of service
  • SMEs are more equipped to adapt to changes quickly (e.g. technological advances) and are better innovators.

What next?

Join Constructionline today to save time and cost when tendering for work. Annual membership starts from as little as £78 a year.*

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*There is a one-off joining fee for new members based on your turnover band. From the second year of membership onwards, suppliers will only pay the annual membership fee.