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Acclaim Accreditation supplier FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Naturally you may have questions regarding Acclaim Accreditation and how it works, so we've put together an extensive list of answers, based on queries made by you.

Don't forget you can also view our buyer FAQs or contact us if you still have questions.

What is SSIP?

Safety Schemes in Procurement an umbrella body of 3rd party assessment schemes promoting a common standard Health & Safety Stage 1 assessment, following ACOP Appendix 4.

What is a 3rd party health & safety assessment?

An assessment carried out by an organisation (3rd party) on behalf of a client. The client may be a 'buyer' such as a local authority or large contractor, or a 'supplier' like you. Most contractors get 3rd party assessments because they are asked to by buyers as a condition of working for them.

How do I know if I have an SSIP certificate?

If you already have a certificate from a 3rd party assessment scheme such as CHAS or Safe Contractor, you will see the SSIP logo on the certificate. You can also check on the SSIP website for the full list of member schemes.

I have an OHSAS 18001 certificate - do I need Acclaim Accreditation?

If your OHSAS 18001 was awarded by a certification body that is a member of SSIP then no- just upload a copy of your certificate. Getting your OHSAS 18001 from a member of SSIP is a way of ensuring that the certification body has been accredited by UKAS to cover construction.

What is CDM 2015?

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations are intended to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project's development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced.

Doesn't Constructionline already assess health & safety?

No, Constructionline has always recognised various assessment schemes and recognises all SSIP Members. For suppliers who were not members of an SSIP scheme, we collected their information but we did not assess the information.

What is the difference between Constructionline and Acclaim Accreditation?

Constructionline is owned by Capita Plc. As the UK's leading procurement and supply chain management service for the construction industry, Constructionline's aim is to improve efficiencies for buyers and suppliers in the procurement process. Constructionline offers assurance to buyers about the business competency and capability of suppliers, including the need to demonstrate health and safety management competency.

Acclaim Accreditation is a health and safety assessment scheme provided by Constructionline and Capita Property and Infrastructure and is open to all industries. Constructionline Gold (level 3) membership include Acclaim Accreditation or a 'Deem to Satisfy' certificate for an alternative valid SSIP. Constructionline Platinum (level 4) membership includes Acclaim Accreditation as standard.

Do you do on-premise assessment?

Acclaim Accreditation is a 'Stage 1' or desk-top assessment. Assessors look at the policies, procedures and examples of your practice to ensure that you meet the core criteria from CDM. Constructionline Platinum (level 4) membership, however, includes Acclaim Accreditation as well as an on-premise audit.

How much will it cost?

Just like Constructionline fees, costs are based on your turnover, making them affordable for smaller companies as well as larger ones. To find out how much Acclaim Accreditation would cost you, click here.

Is the assessment annual or bi-annual?

The assessments are carried out annually, in line with the requirements of SSIP.

How does the assessment work?

You answer the questions in our health & safety section - either uploading policies, procedures and evidence of how you put these into practice, or by making a statement in the box provided. Professional assessors will then audit what you have uploaded to make sure you are meeting a standard relevant to the size of your company and the nature of the work you do.

What happens after I press the 'submit' button?

Your answers will be checked by an administration team to make sure you have answered all the questions and uploaded what you have been asked for. If anything is missing they will e-mail you asking for further information. The completed questionnaire is then sent to our team of assessors. If they need any more information from you, they will contact you via email.

We're only a small organisation with fewer than 5 employees - do you make allowances for this?

Yes. The legal requirements for a company with fewer than 5 employees differ from those for larger companies. We have two question sets for each category - one for companies with fewer than 5 and one for companies with 5 or more employees. It is important that you complete the right questionnaire - More information on question sets.

What do you mean by categories?

The CDM Regulations have four categories of supplier. These are Contractor, Principal Contractor, Designer and Principal Designer. One extra question set is also available for those who undertake the duties of Design and Build.  All question sets are available in two versions; five or more employees and fewer than five employees. Make sure you select the right question set - More information on question sets.

I think you've asked me for the same information twice...

Because Acclaim questions are based on the CDM and SSIP core criteria there are occasions where you can enter the same information as you have for a previous question. For example, you will be asked for your training policy/procedure in the question about arrangements and there is also a later question about training. It's ok to refer back to the previous question, e.g. 'Please see question XX for the training policy'.

Do I have to apply for Acclaim Accreditation at the same time as Constructionline?

Constructionline Silver (level 2) membership does not include Acclaim Accreditation or any SSIP. You can, however, add an SSIP to your membership (either Acclaim or otherwise). If you are a Gold (level 3) member Acclaim Accreditation (or a 'Deem to Satisfy') certificate is required. If you are a Platinum (level 4) member, Acclaim Accreditation is included. We will always accept any certificate from an SSIP scheme member. Furthermore, you do not need to have a Constructionline membership to get Acclaim Accreditation; it can be purchased separately for those outside of the Construction industry.