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Frequently asked questions

Builders’ Conference frequently asked questions

Naturally, you may have questions regarding the move from the existing Builders’ Conference platform to Constructionline and how it works, so we’ve put together an extensive list of answers to questions you may have.

Why has Builders’ Conference moved onto Constructionline?

Due to the support and investment of Fortius, the partnership between Builders’ Conference and Constructionline provides a single platform for sourcing new work, managing supply chains and mitigating risks. Combining project information with compliance data, all in one place, the partnership is helping play a key role in reducing industry inefficiencies.

Ultimately, the move provides one platform and one solution for an ever-changing digital world, meeting the evolving needs of construction businesses today, tomorrow and in the future.

Where are the Builders' Conference league tables?
What is Marketplace?

Launched in spring 2022 by Constructionline, Marketplace is a platform for empowering collaboration across the construction industry. Created to help users gain even greater value from their membership and win more work, it helps businesses find and connect with the perfect partners for a project.

Marketplace provides one platform for procurement, compliance and business development teams to work seamlessly together to deliver on projects.

It features three key areas:

  • Find – Helping decision-makers to discover new opportunities faster than ever before
  • Track – Enabling users to track expressions of interest and responses all in one place
  • Publish – Allowing teams to publish projects and work packages with ease

Find out more about Marketplace.

Do I have to be a member of Constructionline or Facilitiesline?

No, Builders’ Conference members do not need to be a member of Constructionline or Facilitiesline – the brand has simply moved to a more reliable, long-term platform within the Constructionline network. There are, however, additional benefits to being a member of both.

An account will be created for any Builders’ Conference member that does not have an existing Constructionline profile.

Where can I find the latest table of bids?

In Marketplace Find. This allows you to search available project opportunities based on specific locations, types of work, or even by a client or main contractor. You can choose to display these projects in either chronological order, or date published.

Remember, you can also review the latest tender opportunities in the Builders’ Conference analytics app.

Is the Builders' Conference still independent?

Yes – while Builders’ Conference and Constructionline are working in partnership together, Builders’ Conference will remain an independent organisation.

Is the Builders’ Conference still a trade body?

No. It was agreed at the organisation’s EGM on Wednesday 16 November 2022 that the Builders’ Conference would no longer operate as a trade body. All existing staff will be transferred to the new Builders’ Conference company, which is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service to its customers.

Who do I go for support - Builders’ Conference or Constructionline?

The Builders’ Conference team will continue to provide you with all the support you need, who can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 0208 770 0111


Live chat is also available on the Builders’ Conference website.

How do I carry out a search in Marketplace?

You can use the search features on Marketplace to find new business, receive exclusive opportunities directly from buyers, based on your profile and track ‘expression of interest’ invitations.

You can find out how more about how to use the tools on Marketplace here:

How do I express an interest in a project?

To register your interest in a project, simply favourite a project in Marketplace. This will notify a business of your interest in a project.

How do I run a report with my new account?

Reports can be easily created in the Builders’ Conference analytics app. If you need any help with this get in touch with the Builders’ Conference team at

Can I get notified about new projects?

You can save specific searches for speed and convenience, and you will be automatically notified by email about any new projects that fall within the parameters of these searches.

Can I still use tasks and my calendar?

Unfortunately, this functionality has been discontinued.

How do I use the new Builders’ Conference analytics app?

The app will present a number of different data views, with data visualisation courtesy of Microsoft Power BI. Simply use the filters provided to refine and interrogate your data, and choose to export these analytics if needed.

A reminder that the Builders’ Conference analytics app is only available to Builders’ Conference members.

Will I still receive updates on the status change of a project I have responded to in Builders’ Conference?

Yes, you will continue to be updated on project updates.

Will invoices be addressed from Constructionline or Builders’ Conference?

Invoices will continue to be from Builders’ Conference system, but please note we do have new bank details, which can be found in the following FAQ.

Do I need to update my payment details?

Yes. Going forward, payments will need to be made to a new account. These details are below and will also be found on your invoices from this point onwards.

The Builders’ Conference Limited



8373 0883

Has the VAT number been updated?

Yes. This is now 302 7332 43.

I have a question regarding my invoice - who should I contact?

Please direct any queries to

Can I still add my logo to my profile?

Yes, you will continue to be able to add your logo to your profile.

I haven’t received log-in details for my new account - who should I contact?

Please check your spam folder, as the log-in email for this may have ended up in there. Otherwise, please contact

I’m a member of Constructionline or Facilitiesline already - will my membership fee increase?

Existing Constructionline and Facilitiesline members will immediately be able to access project opportunities found through the Builders’ Conference data source, at no extra cost.

Those wishing to access the Builders’ Conference analytics app will require a separate Builders’ Conference membership.

I’m a member of Constructionline or Facilitiesline already - what changes will I see to my account?

There are two key changes that you will notice in your profile. Firstly, a new app titled ‘TBC’. This is the Builders’ Conference analytics app and is only available to Builders’ Conference members. Secondly, Builders’ Conference will be added as a new data source for project opportunities, pulling these through to Marketplace Find.

Can I become a member of Constructionline or Facilitiesline separately too?

Yes. To do this, head to the Manage Account or Membership Centre apps.

I now have two accounts on Constructionline or Facilitiesline - can I merge these?

Only one account per business is currently supported, so your accounts will be merged.

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