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About BAM FM

BAM FM is one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies, providing a wide range of services to essential public services and major commercial organisations. Our aim is to improve your efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and enhance wellbeing for your service users. With more than 900 team members, we design and deliver better services across the education, healthcare, retail and commercial sectors.

BAM FM, as part of the BAM UK and Ireland business, have partnered with Constructionline and Facilitiesline to offer our supply chain options in the onboarding process. Our partnership with Constructionline also supports our aim to reduce the pre-qualification administration burden while standardising and integrating our procurement processes.

To meet our pre-qualification criteria, we ask all suppliers to have Facilitiesline Gold or Constructionline Gold membership, see below for details of which is applicable for you.




Buyer name: BAM FM

Contact name: Nick Cooke, Procurement Manager – Ventures | BAM Construct & Ventures UK Ltd

Level of membership required: Constructionline Gold or Facilitiesline Gold

Why Gold?  To have consistency across our multidisciplined supply chain at a Standardised level.

If you provide Construction services for BAM FM, please choose the Constructionline Gold membership.

View all work categories available on Constructionline.

If you provide Facilities Management services (hard or soft) for BAM FM, then please choose the Facilitiesline Gold membership.

View all work categories available on Facilitiesline

Nick Cooke, Procurement Manager – Ventures | BAM Construct & Ventures UK Ltd

“Working with Constructionline and Facilitiesline allows us to see real-time information, via a consolidated intuitive platform. Having options of both also allows us to capture more information about the different suppliers we work with, which is great for BAM FM in the UK and Ireland.”

Our Partnership with Constructionline and Facilitiesline

Our partnership with Constructionline and Facilitiesline underpins our aim to ensure our entire supply chain meets regulatory requirements and is assessed to the same industry standards while improving the efficiency of our pre-qualification processes. Your membership profile will be seamlessly integrated with our in-house procurement system, leading to increased visibility throughout our organisation. Additionally, our teams will receive automatic notifications regarding your current status at the time of placing an order.


Membership level required

(please note each supplier type only requires one membership)

Constructionline Gold or Platinum Common Assessment Standard = to Constructionline Gold or Platinum Facilitiesline Gold Materials Premiere
Supplier who may carry out works in scope for CIS (On site works)
Supplier who will never carry out works in scope for CIS (example)
Supplier who supply only
Consultants Constructionline Silver or above



Suppliers carrying out works that fall within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) are asked to obtain the Constructionline Gold membership. This can be in addition to Facilitiesline membership if the supplier opts for this). Suppliers can check if the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is applicable on the GOV.UK website.


If you’re currently verified to Constructionline Gold or Platinum Membership and already have an SSIP, no further action is required.

Sign up for Constructionline Gold using code: BAM19 Sign up to Facilitiesline Gold using code: BAM19 Upgrade to Constructionline or Facilitiesline Gold membership

Why have we selected Constructionline Gold membership?

Gold enables us to increase the risk management of our supply chain by aligning it to an extended PQQ question set, which goes beyond the existing PAS91 and demonstrates your ability to meet the Common Assessment Standard.

We encourage you to ensure that your organisation is 100% compliant and ready to work at all times.

Why have we selected Facilitiesline Gold membership?

Facilitiesline Gold has been designed to support the unique needs of suppliers across the FM industry. With a Facilitiesline Gold, we can be sure that standard compliance requirements are covered, and we can also have fast access to detailed information on specific policies and practices.

Facilities Management has such a diverse set of sites, work categories and needs, so we need to be sure that all of our suppliers meet our specific requirements across all our estates.

We encourage you to ensure that your organisation is 100% compliant and ready to work at all times.

How much will it cost me to join Constructionline and or Facilitiesline?

To ensure our memberships reamin affordable for businesses of all sizes, the cost of membership is based on your company turnover. For the first year of membership, there will be a one-off joining fee. 

Enter your details on the Constructionline membership page or the Facilitiesline membership page to get an understanding of how much membership will cost. 

Does Constructionline and Facilitiesline Gold membership include an SSIP?

Our Constructionline and Facilitiesline Gold memberships include an SSIP from Acclaim Accreditation, which gives you instant savings as it removes the need for you to pay for and be assessed by multiple health and safety, and PQQ schemes.

How does a Gold membership show I meet industry standards?

Our Constructionline Gold membership shows BAM Facilitiesline Management that you meet both the PAS 91 and Common Assessment Standard. You will also pre-qualify across core modules required by Public and Private sector buyers. You can also demonstrate your professional standing with our Social Value certification.

Constructionline and Facilitiesline benefits.

Demonstrate you meet Industry standards

Go beyond the PAS 91 with Constructionline Gold membership and demonstrate your ability to meet the Common Assessment Standard.

Simplify and reduce your administration

Manage all your compliance from one login which simplifies your procurement tasks and reduces the admin for your team.

Access new opportunities with Marketplace

You’ll have access to thousands of public, planning and private projects on our Marketplace app within the platform.

Show you’re committed to health and safety.

Gold from Constructionline and Facilitiesline includes an SSIP accreditation, providing you with a saving on the cost of SSIP accreditation. 

Sign up to Constructionline in 4 easy steps.

Constructionline and Facilitiesline offer a range of membership levels to suit your business. We recommend choosing Constructionline or Facilitiesline Gold membership to prequalify to work with BAM FM.

Unsure how much membership will cost? View our Constructionline and Facilitiesline membership pages to see the cost of membership.

Create your account today. Our sign-up code is BAM19 – it is important you include this when you register or upgrade your membership, in the referral code box. This allows BAM FM to track your progress through the onboarding process.

Once you have registered, you’ll receive an email with your registration number and login details. Use this information to log in to the platform and complete your profile.

Our experts will assess your completed profile, let you know if you need to provide any additional information and assist you throughout the verification process.

Once your Gold membership is verified, you will meet BAM FM’s prequalification standard and be ready to accept their work.

New Member?

Sign up to Constructionline or Facilitiesline using code: BAM19.

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Looking to upgrade to Gold membership? Login to you account to upgrade to Constructionline or Facilitiesline Gold.

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