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About Mountjoy Construction

Mountjoy provides professional and high-quality construction, refurbishment, building maintenance and facilities management services across the south of England.

We work with both public and private sector clients across Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and the Isle of Wight, providing services to key towns and cities across the South including Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Brighton, Bournemouth, Reading, Crawley and Horsham.

Mountjoy work within the following disciplines; Housing, Schools and Academies, Colleges and Universities, Health and Care, Leisure, Local Government & business and industry.




Buyer name: Mountjoy Construction

Contact name: Duncan O’Rourke, Building Projects Director

Level of membership required: Silver

Why Silver? The minimum requirement of PAS 91 Silver is important as it allows Mountjoy Construction to increase compliance and improve quality across our services.

Duncan O’Rourke, the Building Projects Director.

“Working with Constructionline will make it easier for our teams to access compliance information as part of pre-qualification. From a reporting aspect, our clients will benefit from a transparent supply chain working towards PAS91, SSIP and above.”

Our Partnership with Constructionline

Working with Constructionline will make it easier for our teams to ensure that our supply chain meets the required standards and increase levels of compliance whilst reducing internal administration. It will also improve our reporting and measures, thus providing our teams live and accurate approval / compliance rates. We will be using Marketplace to publish our opportunities and will be taking advantage of the meet the buyer networking sessions in 2024 and beyond. We look forward to developing the relationship with our existing and potential new suppliers from now.


Sign up to Constructionline using code: MOUNTJOY23 Upgrade to Silver membership About Mountjoy Construction

Why have Mountjoy Construction partnered with Constructionline?

We’ve partnered with Constructionline because we want to make the onboarding process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible for our suppliers. Constructionline gives us and you a clear view of your accreditation status, so we can be sure that you’re ready to work with us at any time.

How much will it cost me to join Constructionline?

To become a Constructionline Supplier, you will need to pay an upfront joining fee and an annual membership fee based on your turnover. Enter your details on the membership page to find out how much it will cost you to join Constructionline.

Do Constructionline memberships include an SSIP?

Our memberships now include an SSIP from Acclaim Accreditation, which gives you instant savings of up to 40% as it removes the need for you to pay for and be assessed by multiple health and safety and PQQ schemes.

How does a Silver Constructionline membership show I meet industry standards?

You can show you meet the PAS 91 and pre-qualify across core modules required by Public and Private sector buyers. You can also demonstrate your professional standing with our Social Value certification.

Which buyers can I work with through Constructionline?

By becoming a Constructionline Supplier, you’ll be verified not only to work with us but the rest of the Buyers that use Constructionline. You can connect with all of these Buyers through the Constructionline platform, giving you a better chance of winning new opportunities and growing your business. 

Constructionline Benefits for suppliers.

Demonstrate you meet Industry standards

Go beyond the PAS 91 with Silver membership and share your data with the largest construction and FM buyers.

Simplify and reduce your administration

Manage all your compliance from one login which simplifies your procurement tasks and reduces the admin for your team.

Access new opportunities with Marketplace

You’ll have access to thousands of public, planning and private projects on our Marketplace app within the platform.

Show you’re committed to health and safety.

Constructionline’s Silver membership includes an SSIP accreditation, saving your business up to 40%.

Sign up to Constructionline in 4 easy steps.

Constructionline offers a range of membership levels to suit your business. In order to prequalify to work with Mountjoy Construction, we recommend choosing the Silver membership. You can review how much your membership will cost here.

Click here to register today. Our sign-up code is MOUNTJOY23 – it is important you include this when you register or upgrade your membership, in the referral code box. This allows Mountjoy Construction to track your progress through the onboarding process.

Once you have registered, you’ll receive an email from Constructionline with your registration number and login details. Use this information to log in to the Constructionline platform and complete your profile and provide the relevant up to date documentation. 

Constructionline’s experts will assess your completed profile, let you know if you need to provide any additional information and assist you throughout the verification process.
Once your Silver membership is verified you will meet Mountjoy Construction’s prequalification standard and be ready to accept work from them. 

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Sign up to Constructionline using code: MOUNTJOY23.

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