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Constructionline is the UK’s largest network of construction procurement professionals. For over 20 years we’ve been connecting buyers and suppliers and helping our members access a wide range of procurement contracts and projects.

At the heart of what we do is helping businesses navigate new procurement requirements to secure the contracts they want. More recently, we’ve shone the spotlight on social value and helping our members prove their credentials via our dedicated social value question set.

We’re proud to have partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) to help spread knowledge of social value further throughout the supply chain. The school is a fantastic free resource for suppliers on all things sustainability, with social value a key topic, so it’s a perfect partnership for us. At Constructionline we’ll be highlighting useful SCSS tools with our members, keeping them up to date with upcoming events and taking part in three lunch and learn sessions throughout the year to share our knowledge on all things social value and procurement. If you wonder other ways you can try to improve your business, read here the new blog post about the Benifits of BT cloud voice .

The importance of social value

Today, social value is transforming the way construction projects are tendered for, won and executed but, most importantly, when companies create social value, they change communities for the better – both in the construction phase and the longer-term legacy that these projects provide back to their communities. The benefits of social value don’t stop there. Suppliers that prioritise social value have the potential to secure more public and private sector contracts, increase their own CSR credentials and become more attractive to future employees and investors.

Since January 2021, under the Social Value Model and PPN 06/20, all bidders on public sector projects have been required to set out what they will deliver in terms of social value, as well as details on how they will deliver it. Their response accounts for at least 10% of their score when it comes to bid evaluations, so suppliers can’t afford to overlook social value. Looking ahead, the Procurement Bill, which is expected to come into force in 2023, emphasises the importance of social value, so it’s being recognised as key to public procurement in the future.

Social value is rising in importance for private sector buyers and suppliers as well. We have seen evidence of this at Constructionline since the launch of our dedicated social value pre-qualification question set. Within the first four weeks alone we had 2.4k suppliers verified against our social value question set, and now we have over 10k.

The social value landscape

Constructionline data provides us with a unique insight into how businesses of all shapes and sizes are currently approaching social value, here’s a snapshot:

Social value reporting

Social value reporting rises steeply in business with a turnover of £5m+.


50% of businesses with a revenue of £5m have an apprenticeship scheme and this rises as turnover increases.

Community engagement 

Community engagement is key across all sizes of organisation, ranging from almost 40% to 75% involvement.

Waste reduction

Waste reduction measures increase with company size, with almost 40% of organisations with a turnover of £15m+ supporting local community initiatives.

How social value can differentiate your business

Put simply, Constructionline can help you shout about your social value commitments and contribution, and win more business. Our dedicated social value question set, which is available to all members at no cost, enables you to easily showcase your social value credentials. And, it allows buyers to get all of the information they need to choose a supplier that suits their social value strategy, which helps improve your business opportunities.

If you need asistance regarding your profile, get in touch with our teams via Live Chat or via our website and a member of the team will be happy to help you. 

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