The impact of COVID-19 across the Construction Industry [Infographic]

On the 26th March, following consultation with main contractors, we introduced a new question set to understand how COVID-19 is affecting our members, their businesses, and their staff. Over 4,000 businesses have completed the new question set so far, giving us a great insight into how the industry in UK is coping during this pandemic.


Why we produced the Infographic

Following discussions with the main contractor group, we made available a small subset of questions related to the preparedness of Suppliers for the COVID-19 pandemic and to track the ongoing impact on their staff and businesses. These new questions would not be assessed or be used to calculate the verification status of Constructionline suppliers.

These answers have given our buyers greater insight into how the UK industry is coping and has allowed them to track where the COVID-19 standard operating procedure is in place within their supply chains.

Have your say!

It’s not too late for you to complete the new questions. By answering this set of questions you are allowing the main contractors to gauge vital information on how they can best support suppliers during this difficult time.

To complete these questions simply log into your Constructionline account and click the Constructionline Plus logo to the left of your company name.

Impact of COVID-19 on UK Construction Industry
The Impact of COVID-19 across the UK Construction Industry



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