Builders Conference, Planning and Public tenders

Within Marketplace Find, you can use the powerful search filters to narrow down your search results when searching for Builders Conference tenders, planning applications and public tenders. Builders Conference, planning portals, and public tenders are all sources of project opportunities, but they differ in terms of the types of projects they offer and the level of competition. 

What is the difference between the different types of tenders:

Builders Conference:

Builders Conference provides information on construction projects across the UK. Builders Conference focuses on larger projects, such as those in the commercial and industrial sectors, and provides detailed information on each project, including project size, location, and timelines.

Planning Applications:

Planning portals are online platforms that provide information on planning applications and building regulations across the UK. Planning portals cover a wide range of project sizes, from small residential projects to large commercial developments. Planning portals provide detailed information on each project, including project size, location, and planning requirements. Planning portals also allow businesses to search for opportunities based on specific criteria, such as location or project type.

Public tenders:

Public tenders are issued by government agencies and public sector organizations for a wide range of projects, from construction and infrastructure to IT and professional services. Public tenders may have more stringent requirements and a more formal bidding process than other sources of project opportunities. To be eligible to bid on public tenders, businesses must meet specific criteria, such as financial stability and experience in the relevant field.

While all three sources of project opportunities can be valuable for businesses, the type of project opportunities pursued will depend on business needs and resources. Builders Conference may be more suitable for businesses looking to focus on larger projects, while planning portals may be more suitable for businesses looking to diversify their project portfolio. Public tenders may be more suitable for businesses with the resources and experience to navigate a more formal bidding process.

How to select the type of tender you would like to search for: