Gold membership

An increased level of scrutiny and assurance

What is Gold membership

Verified Gold members have even greater opportunities within the industry as you can now get all the benefits of our Gold membership with the added bonus of the Common Assessment Standard at no extra cost.

Being Gold verified is of interest to many of our buyers, which is why our Gold membership includes further validation checks using an enhanced prequalification questionnaire that goes beyond PAS 91.

We assess a company’s credentials for environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence and anti-bribery and corruption policies. Some of these policies form part of the Cabinet Office Selection Questionnaire (SQ), which the public sector is expected to comply with.

To give you a greater chance of working with some of the UK’s top main contractors, all Gold members are assessed for SSIP. Our Acclaim team is accredited to assess and award ‘Deem to Satisfy’ SSIP certificates for health and safety – something that all construction buyers look for in supplier selection.

What Gold membership includes?

Secure data storage and transfer
PAS91 Aligned question set
(Partial question set for Bronze)
View the opportunities noticeboard
Access to Buyer profiles
Entry to ‘Meet the Buyers’ events

Fully verified by our advisors

Appear in Buyer searches

‘Fit-to-supply’ Prequalification checks

Add multiple work categories to your account

Mandatory SSIP certification, via Acclaim or ‘DTS’

Enhanced PQQ for key legislative areas

Meets the Common Assessment Standard

Comprehensive on-site and on-premises
health and safety audit

Actionable health and safety audit report

FastTrack available

FastTrack to Gold

FastTrack to Gold

From time-to-time, the world can throw up opportunities that require your business to act quickly. To ensure that you never miss an opportunity our FastTrack service can help accelerate the verification so that you can be verified within 2 business days.

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