Grow your business with Buyer Connections

Building strong relationships with main contractors and other organisations buying your services is crucial for the success of any construction business. To make sure you don’t miss out on work opportunities from your buyers, it’s important to ensure you maintain the compliance status your buyers require to work with them. 

On your Constructionline account, these relationships with buyers are called Buyer Connections. When you have Buyer Connections, you show up on buyer searches, get notified when the buyer posts opportunities that match your criteria, then you can register your interest and apply to tender for them. The buyer may choose to only search for or notify suppliers who are verified to their compliance level. This may be due to the buyer’s procurement policies that they can only work with suppliers that meet their compliance requirements. This is why staying verified is important, to avoid missing out on these opportunities. 

Below we will show you how to get started so you can effectively manage your Buyer Connections and stay verified. This will help you show up on more searches and get more work opportunities. 

Understanding your compliance status

To make it easier for you to keep working with your buyers, it is important to have a clear understanding of your compliance status. On the platform, the Buyer Connections feature allows you to assess your compliance requirements for specific buyers. This feature enables you to identify any upgrades that are required or outstanding issues that must be resolved. 

What does it do?

On the portal dashboard, you’ll see the Buyer Connections widget labelled as ‘Your Compliance for Specific Buyers’. This serves as a centralised hub to monitor and manage your compliance status to work with your buyers. It provides real-time updates on the compliance status of your connections with buyers. From the dashboard, you can take immediate action to resolve any non-compliance issues. 

Buyer Connection benefits

1.       Gain insights into your network

Verified connections hold significant value as they signify a strong working relationship with buyers. By understanding the number of verified and unverified connections, you gain insights into the effectiveness of your current network. This information empowers you to make informed decisions on which opportunities to pursue e.g. if you are already verified you may have a stronger position when tendering for a project.  

2.       A guide to resolving outstanding requirements

For unverified connections, our platform guides you through the necessary steps to resolve outstanding requirements. You can easily navigate to the Issues tab in the Manage Compliance app to complete any pending tasks. Resolving compliance issues not only strengthens your connections but also enhances your reputation as a reliable supplier. 

3.       Identify membership-level expectations to align with your buyer connections

The bottom section of the compliance feature highlights any membership upgrades required to work with specific buyers that you are connected with. This information helps you identify if your current membership level aligns with the expectations of your Buyer Connections. By upgrading your membership, you can demonstrate your commitment to meeting buyer requirements and unlock new work opportunities. 

To try this new widget out for yourself, go ahead and login!

If you need any assistance or would like to know more about how the buyer connection widget works, please get in touch with our team, they will be happy to talk you through it. 

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