Introducing Material Suppliers Webinar

In this webinar, we introduce to you a new accreditation, Materials Plus. This has been developed in collaboration with the construction industry, for compliance and risk management for those in your supply chain who are supplying materials.

Webinar Held: 9th March 2021
Hosts: Mike Wood and Tom Richardson


  • 1.58 Introduction 
  • 2.18 How we built this accreditation in collaboration with industry leaders 
  • 3.05 Material Suppliers question set requirements 
  • 7.22 Utilising the full power of Constructionline across your entire supply chain 
  • 8.24 Plan Comparision 
  • 14.27 Demo 
  • 17.06 Q&A 
  • 18.57 Future webinar topics

Key Benefits:

  • Using Constructionline provides one platform to ensure ongoing compliance management for your entire supply chain including your materials suppliers, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
  • It reduces your legal, financial and public relation risks with question sets created in collaboration with industry representatives. This covers the main areas of concern for material suppliers such as sustainable/ethical sourcing, continuity of supply as well as insurance, and health and safety.
  • Give you real-time alerts on subcontractor & supplier compliance status and financial risk scores.
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