Acclaim Accreditation

Deem to Satisfy

Who is eligible for Deem to Satisfy?

Suppliers that have a valid SSIP accreditation through another SSIP member are eligible to obtain a Deem to Satisfy (DtS) certificate from Acclaim Accreditation.

You can obtain a Deem to Satisfy certificate with any other SSIP Member scheme at a reduced fee and without the need to go through another H&S Prequalification assessment. Thus reducing time, effort, cost and bureaucracy.

For more information and details of SSIP members, please check the SSIP website.

Request a Deem to Satisfy

In order for us to provide you with an Acclaim Deem to Satisfy (DtS), you will need to provide us with a valid SSIP certificate from a third party accreditation body. We can only accept the original SSIP certificate from the third party accreditation body, and not another Deem to Satisfy. The certificate must be in date and the Deem to Satisfy Acclaim certificate once issued will have the same expiry date as the original SSIP certificate. In order for us to check your certificate, you must upload it onto the Constructionline portal for verification.

If you are already registered with Constructionline, please select “Yes” on the below and provide us with your registration number and details of your SSIP, we will also need your contact details if different to your Constructionline primary contact. We will then provide a Deem to Satisfy for the latest in date SSIP certificate that you have on Constructionline. If you haven’t already uploaded this, please do, note uploading a new SSIP will change your Constructionline status.

If you are not registered on Constructionline, please select “No” on the below. We will first need you to register your company information and upload your SSIP certificate in the C4 section. Once complete please follow the steps as above to request a Deem to Satisfy.

Deem to Satisfy price

DTS - £105
DTS - £105
DTS - £105
DTS - £108
DTS - £114
DTS - £135
DTS - £192
DTS - £201
DTS - £207
DTS - £210
DTS - £270
DTS - £300
DTS - £330
DTS - £405
DTS - £405

Do you have a Constructionline number?

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Your Constructionline registration number allows us to validate your current Constructionline membership and your company trading name.

    Not your details? Check you’ve entered your Constructionline registration number correctly. If you’re having issues please contact us using the form or telephone number below.

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    Associate Member

    To obtain an Acclaim Deem to Satisfy certificate only, please create an Associate account on Constructionline to register your company details.

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    Gold Member

    As a Gold member you can get the Deem to Satisfy along with all the benefits of our Gold membership, including the Common Assessment Standard.

    Sign up today to become a Gold member, get the Deem to Satisfy and qualify for the Common Assessment Standard.

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