Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services

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DPS Document Pack

Description Contents
Covering Letter A covering letter from LCP for DPS applicants
Procurement Document This document sets out the DPS particulars and includes instructions for applying to join the DPS.
DPS Service Descriptions This document provides a description of the services to be provided under each Service Category.
DPS Agreement and Call-Off Terms and Conditions This document must be fully understood and accepted by your Organisation and the tick box completed on the landing page, to confirm your acceptance of this Agreement.

It should be noted that any other terms and conditions or any general reservations which may be printed on any correspondence emanating from the PQQ applicant in connection with this DPS, will not be applicable to this DPS.

Frequently Asked Questions This document provides the responses to the frequently asked questions about the nature, set up and use of the DPS.

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