August 2023 – Buyer

Latest updates and innovations released!

In our latest release of updates we have been making even more improvements for our buyer members. When you log into the platform you will now see the new dashboard giving you an overview snapshot of your supply chain. In this post, we’ll walk-through the new features on the dashboard so that it can make monitoring and managing your supply chain easier.

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Dashboard Overview

Thanks to feedback from our members, we have developed the new dashboards to make it easier for users to get an overview of their entire supply chain and any outstanding issues at a glance.

Each user will be able to customise their dashboard and move around their widgets based on what areas they have access to and what they want to see when they log into the platform.

Over time we will be expanding the range of features and data you will be able to access on this dashboard, but as an initial introduction to this feature you will see:

  • Supply Chain Compliance. This shows you:
    • The total number of suppliers in your supply chain,
    • The percentage that are compliant,
    • The number of segments you have,
    • The number of suppliers in your supply chain who are compliant
    • The number of suppliers in your supply chain who are not compliant.
  • Actions List:  This show you outstanding issues that need to be resolved and takes you to where you can resolve them.
Video: Dashboards – Overview

Here is a quick walk-through to show you an overview of the new dashboards

Supply Chain Compliance

This new feature enables buyers to get an overview of the health of their entire supply chain at a glance. When buyers have added their suppliers added into segments this widget will show:

  • The central circle shows the percentage of the supply chain that is not compliant

  • The first number on the left shows the total number of segments you have with a link to view. In the top right you will see a dropdown menu where you can select which segment you wish to view or to view all your segments.

  • The second number from the left shows the total number of suppliers within that segment and the link gives you the option to view the suppliers within that segment.

  • On the right of the percentage circle, it gives you  the number of suppliers within the chosen segment that are currently not compliant.

  • Final number on the right shows the number of suppliers within the chosen segment that are compliant.

Who can use it:

  • All your internal users can see the dashboard and filter the segments
  • Your admin can assign who has permission to create segments or add suppliers to segments by going to the the admin area and selecting the User Groups tab, then adding you as a user to Supply Chain.

Actions List

This feature allows buyers to see what actions and issues are outstanding and the resolve link takes the user to to where these can be completed. This makes it easier to manage outstanding issues and keep on top of them.


Who can use it:

  • All your internal users can see the Actions List, but only those with the correct permission can resolve outstanding issues
  • Your admin can assign who has permission to see this widget by adding you to the Supply Chain User Group in the Admin area.

How Admins can assign permissions to see widgets

If you are not automatically seeing the widgets you need, you can ask your admin to give you access with these 3 easy steps.

  1. First, they need to click on Admin in the side menu.

2. Next they select the User Groups tab.

3.  Then they add you as a user for the Supply Chain and Subscriptions options.

Find out how to set up your segments in our latest blog post

You can find out more about how to set up segments, in  our latest blog post: “The Importance of Creating Segments for your Supply Chain”.  This will help you make the most of the new dashboard features.

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