May 2023

Another month and another round of incredible product updates! This month we’re going to focus on a few updates to Marketplace.

For our Supplier members, there is  with a big improvement to Marketplace Track, and there is a new name for one of our apps. For our Buyer members, we’re going to focus on the latest update to Marketplace Publish to help you to streamline your supplier sourcing, and a new location for one of our most popular apps – Find Suppliers. 

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Product updates for Supplier members

Marketplace Track – responding to tender requests

Our latest update to Track will allow you to respond to requirements that buyers will ask you to complete as part of their tender process.

Through Marketplace Track you can now:

  • View details of a project, including any information you may have to submit as part of the buyers tender requirements
  • Submit information that may be required as part of the tender.
  • Get ahead of the competition as buyers can review your submissions as soon as they’re submitted.
Video: View our quick overview on how easy it is to respond to a tender request.

If you’re new to Marketplace Track, or interested to see how you can respond to tender requirement requests, we have created an overview video for you.

Find Leads – New name, the same great opportunities

If you have used Marketplace this month, you will have noticed that we have updated the name of our ‘Find’ app to ‘Find Leads’

This small change will help us to better align our platform to the services we offer, and there has been no change to the product itself, so you can continue to find and win new work within in the same way you always have.

Video: How to make the perfect search

Our Customer Success team walks you through how to use Marketplace Find Leads, to help you to make the perfect search. Jump in and see how powerful Marketplace is, with over £70bn worth of public sector projects and private opportunities from The Builder’s Conference!

Product updates for Buyer members

Building your next project with Tender Requirements

Simplifying Supplier Sourcing with Marketplace Publish

Our latest update to Publish helps you to overcome pain points you may encounter at any stage during the tender process, by asking suppliers to submit documentary evidence supporting their response.

Through Marketplace Publish you can now:

  • Add tender requirements to work packages – Request suppliers to respond to your specific requirements
  • Track responses with ease via a new dashboard
  •  Analyse suitability of suppliers for your projects

With ‘Tender Requirements,’ once you publish a procurement notice to our network, you can request suppliers interested in specific work packages to provide documentary evidence supporting their response.

To help you keep track of supplier responses, we have introduced a new dashboard. At the top of the dashboard you’ll see the ‘Track Responses’ tab to help you keep track of supplier responses to each individual work package. The dashboard then provides you with a summary of the responses from all suppliers invited to tender.

For the ‘Tender Requirements’ documents that you have asked suppliers to complete, there are four icons to show the status.

In your search for reliable suppliers, you can make use of the ‘Analytics’ tab on the dashboard. These analytics enable you to assess whether a supplier meets your requirements and make informed data-based decisions. It gives you valuable insights to help you select the most suitable suppliers for your projects. 

Find out more detail about all the new Tender Requirement features on our blog

Video: Streamline your tendering process

Watch our demo overview of the new Tender Requirements features on Marketplace Publish to help you get started.

Join us for our Tender Requirements webinar

We will be running a 30 min session to give you an overview of how to start using Publish and our new feature to streamline your supplier sourcing process.

New home for ‘Find Supplier’

Over the last week, we have moved our ‘Find Suppliers’ app to Marketplace, so that all our supplier sourcing tools (Find Supplier and Publish), can be found in one location. This small change will help us to better align our platform to the services we offer, and there has been no change to the product itself, so you can continue to find suppliers in the same way you always have.

Find Suppliers now within Marketplace

Click on Marketplace to access your ‘Find Suppliers’ app.

Contact your admin if you need access to Marketplace.

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