November 2023

Latest updates and innovations released!

In our latest release of updates, we have been making even more improvements for our members. These improvements within the Admin area of platform help Admin Users by:

  • simplifying how to create a new user
  • making managing user permissions easier
  • ‘fuzzy’ searches meaning it will return results based on what you’ve entered and what the system believes you are looking for. Great if you don’t have the exact name or misspell it.
  • filters to find users based on permissions
  • updated screens for assigning users to organisation units

Thanks to feedback from our members, these improvements have been designed to make it easier for your Admin Users to organise and manage your teams, so everyone in your organisation has the access they require.

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Adding New Users

This feature allows Admin Users to add other team members so they can use their own login to access the Constructionline features they need. This helps to maximise the potential of Constructionline throughout the whole organisation.


How to guide:

  1. From the portal menu, you will need to click Admin on the left.

  2. The first page you will see the Users tab. To create a new user, click the Create User button on the left under the Users tab.

3. Enter their nameemail address, which Organisation Unit they fall under, assign their permissions and click create. You can assign the user to more than one org unit. You can also see a description of the permission using the icon on the left.

4. If you click Manage, you will be able to amend the organisation unit access, permissions and name of the user.

5. You are also able to reset a user’s two-factor authentication, by selecting the Reset2FA refresh button.

Manage User Permissions

This simplified feature makes it easier for Admin Users to assign the correct permissions to your team.

Permission Groups: 

Marketplace Find: Gives users access to the Marketplace Find App. Ideal for anyone trying to win new business, such as Business Development Managers, allowing them to quickly search through hundreds of thousands of jobs from a wide range of portals and get instant, tailored results that are relevant to them.

Marketplace Track: Gives them access to the Marketplace Track App. This will allow the user to receive expressions of interest from new and existing buyers and respond to multiple opportunities with our handy “thumbs up” feature.

Supplier Functionality: Gives users access to manage compliance.
Ideal for users who need to complete, upload and submit the compliance documents to help you stay verified.

Organisation Unit Administrator: This gives users access to all of the areas of your account and allows them to add users.

Subscriptions: Grants users access to manage account and membership centre areas of the platform. This gives users the ability to renew or upgrade your membership, as well as the option to download your invoices.

How to guide:

  1. To manage your users and amend permissions, click the Manage Permissions tab.

2. For each of the permissions groups, you will see Manage Users in blue on the on the right hand side. Click Manage Users, to add or remove users from the permissions group. You can also search for a user by using the search bar to find a specific user quickly.

3. Next, you can toggle which permission groups you wish the user to have access to, then click confirm.


Search & Filters

Your organisation may have lots of users using Constructionline, so making sure everyone has the correct permissions and removing users who have left the business can feel like a full-time job. To make this easier for you, you can now also filter your search results based on status or permissions.

  • Searches – these are now ‘fuzzy’ searches meaning it will return results based on what you’ve entered and what the system believes you are looking for. Great if you don’t have the exact name or misspell it.
  • Filters – narrow down your search based on permission groups and whether they are active users or not.

How to guide:

  1. To find a user quickly, use the Search Bar on the top right next to the ‘add filters’ button.

  2. The search is fuzzy, meaning if you spell the name incorrectly, it will still appear in the list.

3. To filter the list further, select the Add Filters button. Here you will be able to filter users by permission group and whether the user is active or not active.

Organisation Units

For larger businesses, this feature gives you the ability to organise and add Organisation Units to your Organisation Hierarchy. It shows you the different organisation units within your Constructionline account.

From here you can add, edit and manage assigned users to your Organisation Units. Now you can add a user to multiple Org Units in one go, rather than going to each org unit separately.

How to guide:

  1. Click on Admin in the side menu.

  2. Click on the Org Unit tab. Here you will see your Organisation Hierarchy. 

  3. Click the Create Org Unit button to add more organisation units to your hierarchy.

  4. Use the search bar to find the org unit you are looking for.

5. Click on the Users tab to add users to your org units. You can now add users to multiple org units by selecting the toggles.

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