January 2024 – Buyer

Exciting updates and innovations released!

In our latest release of updates, we have been making even more improvements for our members. 

Based on invaluable feedback from our community, these enhancements have been designed to make it easier to:

  • Communicate with individual suppliers about specific areas of their profile
  • Boost your account security with two-factor authentication
  • Manage your teams access and permissions for seamless collaboration
  • ‘Favourite’ preferred suppliers for quick access to their profiles

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Send Personalised Reminders

Personalised Reminders gives you the ability to send reminders to individual suppliers about updating specific areas of their profile that you need them to complete. This allows you to communicate with your suppliers directly from the platform reducing turn around time.

Please see the following steps on how this can be done.

Step 1 – From the portal menu, select ‘Manage Supply Chain’

Step 2 – Select ‘Supply Chain’. Select whichever segment you need to send a reminder from and select the supplier you would like to send it to.

Step 3 – Click ‘Send Reminder’. You can now be taken to the reminder page. First, select the type of reminder.

Compliance Reminder – to remind a supplier to get verified. You can only send a reminder for a goal the supplier has on their profile, for example, you cannot send a reminder about a Builder’s Profile requirement if the supplier does not have Builder’s Profile membership.

Step 4 – After selecting ‘Compliance Reminder’, you will need to select a reason. You can select one of the following options.

Step 5 – You can personalise the ‘Subject’ of the reminder and the ‘Message’ as needed.

Step 6 – You will also need to select which requirements or goals the supplier needs to meet – you can select a goal using the tick box.

Step 7 – Or select a specific requirement by clicking the drop-down menu, then the requirement tick box.

Step 8 – Once you have completed all fields, you can now click ‘Send’, the reminder will show in this pop-up. If all of the fields are correct, you can click ‘Send’ to send this to the supplier.

This is what the reminder email will look like.

Reminder History

After you have sent a reminder, you will be able to view all reminders sent to a supplier in the ‘Reminder History’ on their profile.

Step 1 – Start on the Supplier’s profile, which can be found after searching for the company in ‘Find Suppliers’, or from ‘Supply Chain’.

Step 2 – Go to ‘Reminder History’.

Step 3 – Click ‘View’ to see the full contents of the reminder.

Two-Factor Authentication

Keeping your data secure is our utmost priority. To help improve cyber-security we now provide the option to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Constructionline account. This is to provide you with an extra level of security to comply with Cyber Essentials, help support your internal cyber-security processes and reduce password risks.

First, your account admin has to request 2FA on your account.

This can be done by asking a customer service agent over phone, email or Live chat. The customer service agent will then turn on two factor authentication for your account and will email to let you know with this PDF on how to get your team logged in with 2FA.

Once activated here are the steps you will need to take to login to access the Constructionline platform:

If you are having difficulty accessing the Constructionline platform, please contact your account admin.

Adding New Users

Improvements to our Admin features include the ability to add team members to your account with specific access and permissions, and change these permissons through the manage button at any time.

Adding suppliers as a favourite

This new functionality will allow you to mark a Supplier in a segment as a ‘Favourite’, and for them to all appear under a new tab called ‘Favourite Suppliers’.

When you go into your segment lists you will now see a ‘Favourite’ column as highlighted below. Here you can select the star to add the supplier to your favourites list.

Once you have selected your favourite suppliers you will see a new tab, as highlighted below, which will give you a list of all your favourite suppliers. This tab will show you:

  • the supplier’s business name,
  • their location,
  • which of your segments they are included on,
  • the date they were added to the favourite list, and
  • the option to view their profile

For tips on how to manage your supplier lists by building segments, read this useful guide:

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